Can I purchase any domain extension?

There is some domain name extension which are restricted to certain type of business or organization only, which means that you can only purchase them if you meet certain criteria or have authorization (which include,,, But other than that, most extensions are available to everyone.

  • should be subscribed by commercial
  • should be subscribed by information and communications technology (ICT) network operators and service providers 
  • . should be subscribed by not-for-profit organizations, including non-governmental organizations, trade associations, sporting organizations, charitable organizations, and religious organizations. 
  • . should be subscribed by schools and academic organizations, including universities, public and private schools, colleges and educational institutions, and accredited training academies. 
  • . should be subscribed by government bodies and institutions under the Domain Naming Guidelines for Ethiopian Government Websites (. 
  • . mil.ET: Contains domain names reserved for military authorities of Ethiopia.
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